Writing by the Water

Meet the writer

Courtney Beirne, independent writer specialising in poetry and bespoke writing services. 

During Summer season I travel around the UK collecting inspiration for own my written work. I predominantly take prompt from social encounters, scenic and naturistic environments and musical influence. My poetic soul enjoys exploration of honest themes touching on the realities of relationships, mental health and societal trends. 


My writing journey began at a young age, using poetry and creative writing as a form of self expression, later developing into a passionate focus in my later life resulting in my decision to create In Her Write Mind's Bespoke Writing Services. 


I freelance all year round accepting personal commissions from fabulous, thoughtful people all across the world. I also accept contracts for professional content including site content building and full promotional projects. 


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I just wasn't expecting the turnaround to be this fast I'm so impressed! My personal statement is amazing, thank you!

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